Smoked and Roasted Meats

We’ve been smoking and roasting our meats in-house since 1946. Our specialty meats never contain artificial coloring or flavoring, so they always retain a natural, roasted meat color and a delicious, lightly smoked flavor.

Smoked Ham

Our smoked hams are marinated in brown sugar and salt, then smoked slowly over a hickory fire.

You can choose between bone-in or boneless smoked ham, or we can cut it to your liking. They are perfect for family gatherings or sliced up for sandwiches.

Pick up one of our smoked ham hocks to add to your favorite recipe – they are the perfect addition to baked beans, soups, stews, and more!

Smoked Turkey

Our lean, savory turkeys are marinated with brown sugar and salt, then slowly cooked to mouth-watering perfection. We offer a variety of smoked-turkey cuts:

  • Smoked whole turkeys (bone in)
  • Smoked turkey breast (boneless)
  • Smoked turkey drumsticks, hindquarters and wings

Keller’s Roasted Meats

Roasted Turkey

Our roasted turkeys come fully cooked, ready for you to heat and serve. They are juicy, tender and come in a variety of cuts:

  • Roasted whole turkeys (bone in, includes broth)
  • Roasted turkey breast (boneless)
  • Roasted turkey breast and thigh (boneless)
  • Roasted turkey drumsticks