Our bacon is made from lean, premium pork that is hand rubbed with just two ingredients: brown sugar and salt. Then we smoke it slowly over a hickory fire for a deliciously sweet and smoky flavor that will keep you coming back for more.

Black Pepper Bacon

Our black pepper bacon takes the original recipe a step further. It gets rubbed with freshly-ground black pepper, adding the perfect balance to the salty, smoky, delicious flavor of our all-natural bacon. 

Maple Bacon

For those who prefer a sweeter, smoky flavor, our maple bacon is the perfect choice. It gets smoked with maple rather than hickory to produce a delicious flavor to compliment any breakfast or burger. 

Irish Bacon

Traditionally, Irish bacon is made from the back meat of the pig, as opposed to the pork belly used in American bacon. In Ireland and Great Britain it’s called “back bacon” or “rashers.”

Similar to Canadian bacon, Keller’s Irish bacon is made from very lean premium pork loin that’s hand rubbed and marinated in brown sugar and salt then slowly smoked over a hickory fire.

Our Irish bacon is available fresh or smoked. Not only is it great for breakfast, we also recommend it on a sandwich or diced in an omelet. Be sure to cook it until it’s done but not crisped like American bacon.