Keller’s Fine Meats

We’re proud to offer one of New Mexico’s largest selections of farm-fresh meat that not only tastes great but meets the highest quality standards.

Keller’s meat is always:

  • fresh from the farm
  • vegetarian-fed and humanely raised without additives
  • processed in a clean facility that meets all USDA standards
  • cut in-house by experienced butchers, the same way it’s been done for decades!

Fresh Meat Selections 


We are proud of the close, personal relationships we have with the family-run ranches that provide Keller’s beef. We know exactly where our beef comes from (straight from the ranch to the store!) so we can be sure we are providing our customers with the highest quality, most delicious meat around. As a bonus, our butchers cut each side of beef right in the store – the way it’s been done since 1946!


Our poultry tastes the best because it was raised the best, with plenty of fresh air and clean water and none of the additives. 

Keller’s has long been known for having the best turkey around. Whether you’re looking for deli slices or a whole bird, we’ve got New Mexico’s largest selection of turkey options that are cut and smoked fresh in our stores every day.

And did we mention how good our chicken is? We love a good chicken dinner – and we know you do too! – which is why you can count on Keller’s to have the best-quality, most-delicious chicken to add to your favorite pasta or throw on the grill. 


Looking for a new dinner idea? Try our vegetarian-fed buffalo that’s dry-aged right in our stores. It’s lean, nutritious, easy to prepare – and it tastes great!


Keller’s all-natural pork is light, tender, and tasty. Our pork has no added preservatives and is never injected with water or phosphates.


Lamb may be lesser-known than some of our other meats, but trust us when we say it has all the tenderness and great taste you’re craving! It’s versatile and unique – perfect for burgers, grilling or roasting. And like everything we carry, it’s free of additives and full of flavor.


We offer a great selection of fresh, delicious seafood from around the world. From salmon to snapper and shrimp and scallops, you can see and taste a difference in Keller’s seafood. Have a question? Our team members are here to help with tips, recipes and serving suggestions.

Exotic Meats & Poultry

Looking for something different for dinner? Keller’s offers an extensive line of exotic meats and poultry, including: elk, venison, veal, rabbit, duck, goose, ostrich, pheasant, quail, cornish game hens, capon, suckling pig, gourmet game sausage, guinea hens, wild boar, alligator, frog legs, and more!