Each morning at dawn, you’ll find our sausage-makers hand-making fresh sausages especially for you. These skilled craftsmen follow the Old Word Tradition using recipes that have been passed down for generations.

They start with fresh, lean cuts of Keller’s own beef, turkey, chicken, buffalo and pork. Delicate herbs and exotic spices are blended to flavor the meat to mouth-watering perfection. Hand-stuffed into natural casings and slowly smoked over a hickory fire, it’s no coincidence that our sausages taste so good!

Unlike commercial sausages, Keller’s meats are cured and smoked naturally. They are low in sodium, because we never add sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite, preservatives, or MSG. Our sausages never contain artificial coloring or flavoring, which results in a natural, roasted meat color and a lightly smoked flavor.

Cooking Tips

To prepare fresh link sausages, simmer in water for a few minutes until tender. Next, brown them by pan frying, grilling or broiling.

Our smoked sausages are fully cooked and just need to be heated by pan frying, grilling, or broiling.

Fresh bulk sausages can be used in any recipe calling for ground meat, or formed into patties or meatballs and pan fried, grilled, broiled or baked.

Keller’s meat products do not contain preservatives and should be eaten or frozen within three days of purchase.